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Karla Chocolate is the name that entered almost every single house in Lebanon since 1955.
We offer different kinds of assorted chocolate, peppermint drops, dragees made Karla Chocolate factory one of the leading manufacturers of chocolates and confectionery products in the region.
In 1967 the owners took the decision to expand making a huge step forward, and moved to new a building they built in Zalka in order to keep up with the latest technology and the increasing demand for chocolates and dragees
In 1993 the ownership of the factory was transferred to the next generation maintaining the same principles for success and prosperity, also preserving the image of Karla Chocolate by setting goals that will keep Karla in the lead.
Our factory is capable of producing close to 500 tons of the combined chocolate and dragees products, for an average of 2000 kgs per day which are sufficient to cover quite a big share of the market.
Karla Chocolate made an even bigger step in buying a building in Naccache and added two more stories and made sure that all four stories and a mezzanine were fully equipped with the latest high tec. machines and the whole building was put to the service of the chocolate industry.
With this production capacity at the time, we were also able to penetrate and explore the Saudi Arabian and the Gulf  markets.


Naccache Zone Blue B Main Road - Maten - Lebanon
Tel: +961 4 522 425       Mob: +961 3 624 252
email: info@karlachocolate.net